What’s New in Coiled Tubing

Houston, Texas (August 2013) – Costly downtime can be minimized with oilfield equipment that is easy to operate and maintain.

img_0732_v3_arta_resized_0.jpgAXON Energy Products analyzed CT injector fundamentals and operating parameters to achieve maximum serviceability, while maintaining performance. The company’s new CT injector includes external location of major serviceable components, interchangeable parts, combined assemblies and optimized skates.

All operating and tensioning cylinders are interchangeable, and located externally for ease of maintenance. The drive mechanism utilized for the chains and grippers is integrated to further minimize the requirement for CT spare parts. Additionally, the drives are mounted opposite one another, allowing for counter-rotation of the chain and grippers.

The integrated chain and gripper assembly circumvents maintenance issues, such as individual inserts and damaged screws. Simply removing the chain master link enables the entire assembly to be extracted and replaced in a matter of minutes. Fabricated from high-strength aluminum for optimal durability and weight, the skates include a replaceable, hardened wear plate, and are designed for easy removal through the side of the injector.

Combined with the CT injector’s field-proven technologies, AXON’s design improvements allow for ease of operation and maintenance to reduce downtime.


Source: http://www.worldoil.com/August_2013_Whats_new_in_coiled_tubing.html


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