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Olbia, Sardinia Italy (October 2013)  The SACU 100th Anniversary ISDE Team has just returned from an extremely successful trip to the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) in Olbia, Sardinia Italy. The ISDE is the motorcycle equivalent to the Olympics. It was a double celebration; the SACU has celebrated 100 years of motorcycle racing in Scotland and it was the 100th Anniversary of the ISDE (first run in Carlisle in 1913).

The SACU Team Manager, Sam Davidson, selected the same team that had successfully ridden in Finland in 2011 - Ricky Mair, Neil Chatham and Frazer Norrie. The team were competing against 139 teams in the World Club Team Award.

The ISDE covers 200kms per day over the roughest terrain imaginable and the riders must keep to a specific time table for the full six days, with penalties for arriving late or early. The riders also have to maintain the motorcycles mechanically for the week with the tools they carry with them, except for refuelling and the topping up of fluids. The bikes are locked in a parc ferme overnight and can only be worked upon for 10 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. The finishing order is decided by a number of special tests timed to within a hundredth of a second, the riders complete six every day with only the top 10% gaining a Gold medal finish.

The difference with the ISDE in comparison with other motor events is that it is more about the man than the machine; a rider can have the money for a fancy tuned machine but if he does not have the commitment, fitness or riding skill, then he will not succeed. This year, the heat, dust and rocks were the biggest problems as the bikes proved very reliable with only minor repairs needed throughout the week, which were remedied by the riders in the short work periods at the start and finish of their 61/2 hour days.

There was a crew of 15 individuals who had travelled out at their own expense to support the riders,and the highlight of the week was the motocross on the final day Saturday 5th October. The majority of the money required for this event was raised by the riders themselves and some local sponsors.

To the delight of everyone in the team and their fans following on Facebook, the team finished 9th World Club Team from the 139 that started this six day event. They were the top British Club Team and all three riders finished with Gold Medals.

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