Operator Station / Chair

The AXON operator station is designed to optimize drilling control and monitoring operations. This advanced driller's control station features an ergonomic design and is optimized for 24/7 drilling operations from inside the driller's cabin. Furthermore, this system provides the operator full control of the working environment, with all controls and monitoring functions within range. In addition, the station readily accommodates the "line-of-sight" requirements to the drilling areas outside the driller's cabin.

  • Joysticks and interactive touchpads for machine control
  • Integrated roller-ball/joystick mouse
  • Utilizes PLC technology
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Wireless keyboard/wireless Ex phone
  • Electrically adjustable seating heights, angles, and positions 
  • CE certified
  • Integrated microphone for PA/UHF
  • ATEX (Ex zone 2)
  • Deck rail for backward/forward movement
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