Geolink Gamma

The AXON Geolink Gamma Sensor uses wireline standard measurement technology in a specially designed robust assembly to provide an accurate gamma log while drilling.

The Gamma Sensor utilises a scintillation counter (Nal Crystal) and a photo-multiplier mounted within a specially designed package which provides protection against the high levels of shock and vibration encountered in the drilling environment.

The sensor is mounted in the LWD string as part of the Modular Gamma Ray Assembly (MGRA), capable of transmitting real time formation gamma ray information to surface for correlation and geosteering purposes. It also stores high resolution data for later download at surface.

The MGRA is calibrated against the API standard so that the log can be compared directly with wireline gamma logs. Geolink Navigator software automatically corrects the signal for the attenuating effects of the drill collar and tool housing.

  • AAPI Log Scale - Facilitates correlation and geosteering
  • Rugged design - highly reliable performance
  • Calibrated to the API Standard - directly comparable to wireline logs
  • Sondex Drilling division proprietary technology, manufactured in UK
  • Geolink Navigator surface software provides user friendly interface


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