One Company, One Culture: Quality Management

In 2012, we launched our Strategic Performance Initiative to achieve AXON’s ultimate goal of continuously providing greater value to customers in regards to both products and services. Having a single Quality Management System (QMS) across all AXON divisions was identified as an imperative to achieving this target. One of the greatest challenges since merging several diverse companies has been combining them into one company – one culture – while maintaining the unique perspectives and skills of each. As with most great challenges, great opportunities arose. In particular, our Strategic Performance Initiative provided a firm foundation from which to build a customer-centric organization through quality assurance and quality control.

Our pressure products division led the process of establishing a systemic QMS. AXON senior leaders fully supported this initiative by providing both internal and external resources to accomplish the task. When I joined AXON in 2012, a great deal of my time was dedicated to identifying key issues and the best path to examine and improve our existing processes. From this challenge, I am elated to announce that a strong team arose that is consistently proactive in discovering and addressing problems at the onset.

With a clear focus on our vision and potential, extraordinary teamwork made all the difference in what we accomplished. The team brought years of experience with diverse companies, in addition to their own unique skillsets, to create a scalable QMS.

One of AXON’s core values is to continuously adapt and improve. As we align our people and processes into a solid and proactive QMS, AXON can further sustain its improvements to ensure quality products and services for customers.

What did we learn?

  • Communication within and across divisions is essential.
  • Quality belongs to every person, and teamwork drives success.
  • Effective training is critical to QMS success and requires monitoring, maintaining, and documenting training initiatives.
  • Ongoing management support clears hurdles and obstacles that could otherwise threaten sustainment of quality assurance.

As we continue the journey of  building a quality culture, it is imperative that everyone  – in every division and every facility –  understands and embraces the AXON vision, as well as our unique roles and how they impact both our company and our QMS. Please join me in “being the AXON brand" by ensuring we consistently deliver quality products and services to our customers.




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